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Local “Lasagna Love” leaders calling out for more volunteers to help meet the need of hungry families in WNY

“Your neighbors need you. We will welcome anybody to join Lasagna Love."
Posted at 5:32 PM, Apr 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-25 18:26:18-04

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Local “Lasagna Love” volunteers are calling out for Western New Yorkers to jump on board to help feed communities across Erie and Niagara Counties.

A North Tonawanda volunteer Caitlin Burns and her four-year-old son have been putting the work in to help families in need that are requesting a hot, home-cooked meal.

“This is what we do,” Burns says. “When people need something this is how we can show up and show up from the comfort of our own home.”

Burns tells 7 News reporter Yoselin Person she has volunteered for the “Lasagna Love” organization for almost a year and has made a total of 40 orders.

“And that makes one family out there that somebody cares about them and somebody is there to take care of the needs that they have.,” she says.

A local leader of Lasagna Love, Joanne Nania, calls for Western New Yorkers to join the movement to volunteer to fill bellies in both Erie and Niagara Counties.

“I’m sure there’s no surprise to anybody that the request for lasagnas has skyrocketed,” she says.

Nania says the prices of groceries are rising.

She says Niagara County has fewer than ten volunteers and 35 families waiting to be fed.

There are 30 committed volunteers in Erie County.

“And we’ve delivered about three hundred lasagnas for the last few years, but every week I have 30 to 40 uncovered requests that we can’t fill,” she says. “So just having more chefs will eliminate that and will be able to keep up with the requests when it comes through.”

Meantime, Caitlin Burns and her son are trying to do the best they can to meet the need.

“You don’t know what their story is. You don’t know what money they do or don’t have and the money is not even important,” Burns expresses. “We’re here because there’s a need and a need to be seen and the need to be fed and we want that to be food for the soul and for the belly.”

Click here to be part of volunteering to help feed communities in need in your neighborhood.